"Bow Combat", a new activity incentive and team building unprecedented in Spain and exclusive Tir amb arc Vall-Llobera that combines the excitement of paintball with the basic techniques of archery!

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We are in a place called Vall Llobera, being formerly inhabited by wolves, 70000m2 of forest of oaks, pines, junipers and maples,completely fenced and approved by the Civil Guard.

From here, 850 m altitude, we can see the plain of Vic, Collsacabra, Guilleries, Montseny and the towns of Santa Eugenia de Berga, Taradell, San Marti Balenya and Seva.


We are dedicated exclusively to archery, in our facilities do all kinds of activities related to sport: families, friends, companies, Zen archery, coaching ... and all kinds of celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, celebrations ..).

The main attraction of Tir amb arc Paratge Vall-Llobera, tours are 3D figures.

A nice adventure in search of 3 D 20 figures among trees shrubs and bushes in the middle of what could be their true habitat.

Come and meet face to face with our white wolf, enjoy the great adventure in the midst of nature.



Intended for all Federated and to encourage new athletes to begin the practice of this sport can be considered an art become an adventure, you can practice the whole family.

Feel the emotion concentration and obtaining their goal.

May have qualified instructors archery (classes, arranged hours).



We moved to medieval events and fairs. We assemble camps have activities for the public, and do demonstrations and shows with fire arrows. We also do weddings.